"Parents have become so convinced that educators know what is best for children that they forget that they are the experts."  Marian Wright Edelman, Educator

Special Aid

Special Aid Services

Consultation (In Person, Telephone or Email)

Advocate for your Child's Educational Needs

Guide Parents through the Special Education Process, Section 504

Attend Parent/Teacher Conferences, Student Study Team Meetings, IEP Meetings, 504 Meetings

Liaison between Parents and Administration and/or Alta
Regional Center

Review Assessment Plan, Evaluations, Educational Reports and Medical Reports/Testing

Observations of Students at Home/School and of Programs/Schools

Assist in Developing Individual Education Goals, Positive Behavior Support Plans

Assist in Determining Appropriate Educational Placement

Assist in Developing Classroom and Test Accommodations and/or Modifications

Assist in Filing Compliance Complaints with CA Department of Education, Write Letters, IEP Attachments

Research for Program Placements (Private, Nonpublic), Related Services, Educational Equipment and Materials

Contact Information:

Joanne Kraenzel, M.Ed.
(916) 769-9268

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